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What is Reflections Coaching?

Reflections Coaching is a professional coaching service using a creative edge to inspire professional people. Reflections offers a range of services to individuals who want to make more of their existing career, changing careers, or starting a new business. Reflections provides a service to employers who want to offer something extra in terms of career development for their staff.

With Reflections Coaching on your side, you will plan for your future, set signposting, pre-empt and deal with the challenges that could stand in your way.

The creative techniques that you learn can be applied over and over again to support you in all aspects of life.

Simply be what you want to be!

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Carolyn Trafford

Carolyn Trafford

Having personally experienced the power of coaching, Carolyn now lives life with confidence. Using her experiences, she is well placed to help people deal with change, both in their personal life or with their career.

Listen to Carolyn talk about Failure on BBC Radio Stoke.

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