As I write this, winter has been unseasonably warm. It’s February and blossom and buds are starting to show on the trees. My daffodils look as though they’re about to flower and it feels like spring has sprung. It’s the kind of day that makes me want to throw open all the windows and get stuck into cleaning. Clean, freshen, organise.

I like to apply this to life too. January my head was full of the things that I wanted to do this year, goals, resolutions, dream chasing….

And having a full head is part of the problem, it doesn’t give me thinking space, a space in which to be creative, to plan, to organise – it can all become a bit of a muddle.

So rather than go and spring clean my house – I’m going to take one day to spring clean my life instead. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Dig out your address book and contact a couple of friends you’ve not seen in a while, arrange a day to do something fun
  • Social media is an unreal place to be and sometimes it can get you down. Ditch those “friends” who drag you down or fill your timeline with rubbish and follow some positive thinking sites – try for a daily dose of inspiration.
  • Do what you enjoy doing – we all have talents, long and forgotten because life took over. Why not go back to dance class, rejoin the wine club and make new friends along the way.
  • Get back on top of your finances – there’s nothing like worrying about money to bring you down – so forget burying your head in the sand get to the bottom of it, understand exactly what state your finances are in and work out a budget – where’s the fun bit? Well make sure there’s a weekly treat in the budget to reward good spending behaviour.
  • Zero your inbox – whether that’s email or post – again requires discipline to do, but well worth a couple of hours. Apply a “deal with” or “trash it” approach and unsubscribe from the stuff you’re never going to read.
  • Change your diet – I’m not suggesting you go on a diet – you don’t need to – however adding some healthy brain and body foods to your routine can make a difference to how you feel. I like to start my day with a healthy fruit smoothie (see below for recipe)– it tastes great and doesn’t make me lethargic. Avocado and banana or blueberry and raspberry. Almond milk, sometimes oats too. I add some organic detoxifying greens powder or anti-oxidant berry powder and Omega 369 oil –over a few weeks it’ll make a difference to your get up and go. I personally choose the Neal’s Yard ones because I know they’re certified natural and organic.
A picture recipe for the clean and green smoothie, detox, greens complex, neal's yard remedies, healthy eating, vitality, smoothie, healthy breakfast

Clean and green smoothie recipe

  • Oh I know I said this was about you not spring cleaning the house, but do make some time to de-clutter. We all have stuff that hasn’t got a home, use it or lose it and get rid – clutter simply saps the brain.
  • Pick a nice day and go for a walk. Try to switch off from the daily drudgery and focus on what’s around you – it’s called being mindful and is great for clearing your head.


Carolyn Trafford is a Leek based personal strategy coach supporting others in achieving the life they want. If there’s something you want to achieve get in touch today.