October may feel a strange time to be talking about goals, most of us plan them in January and have forgotten about them 3 months later.  I find now a really good time to focus on them.  The distractions of summer are over and aside from Christmas there’s less to occupy us particularly in the evenings.

So it’s never too late to drag out those plans and see where you’re at. It’s surprising what you may have achieved whilst not purposefully thinking about it.

I dragged my plans out last week.  My main goal for this year was to write my book – “Don’t Just Dream It – Achieve It” and to get it published.

I’m almost there.  It’s been written, proofed and designed.  Friends have been so supportive with proof reading and suggestions.  So never underestimate the value of their support.  And I have one copy in print that I am reviewing.

When I started writing, back in March, a friend suggested Crowd-funding as a way of taking it forward.  As this is my first book, the printing cost per book on a small number is quite high and a little prohibitive. I don’t want to have to pass the high costs onto the people purchasing.

If you’re still wondering what crowd-funding is, then it’s a forum by which you can reach potential investors.  The investors aren’t people from Dragons Den, they’re as likely to be your next door neighbour, your friend, or someone ordinary from the outer Hebrides. They’re just nice people who want small businesses or someone they know to succeed.

My goal is to reach a print run of approx 100 books by the start of December.  That’s 6 weeks when I wrote this.

I hope to report good news here very soon

My book is about helping people succeed with their goals is a simple and creative way – please get in touch if you’d like more information.

If you’d like more information about crowd-funding or wish to invest then take a look at the campaign at:


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