This post is probably the most personal from the Calvert Trust Series.  I knew when I signed up for the discovery weekend that I would discover whether or not I would be able to do the zip wire.

I’d already had a tough morning.  We’d been on the climbing wall and whilst I’m happy to climb, abseiling back down terrifies me.  It stems from an activity week I had whilst at college.  I was less adventurous than I am now.  I don’t remember the instructors but looking back I think they had little patience with a group of 16-18 yos.  I failed to trust them and would not lean back so I spent most of my abseil bump bump bumping down the rock face – not a great experience.

The Calvert Trust instructors were different, although they have to dedicate much of their time to people who had physical disabilities to deal with and I found myself battling with my own emotional disabilities.  My inner self talk was convincing me that abseiling was not a great idea.  I did it, but getting caught up in my own emotions resulted in me having less attempts and I couldn’t quite reach the top because I knew anything I climbed I’d have to come back down again.

Letting go can be really difficult at times.

So in the afternoon, I faced the Zip Wire.  I watched 6 other people go down it, roped up, secure, some seated, some standing, and me, not knowing if I was even going to attempt it or not.  In the end I decided to talk back to my self talk.  One voice telling me I didn’t have to do it, the other reminding myself that if I could stand up in front of 300 strangers and deliver stand up comedy then this little Zip Wire would be a breeze.

I went for it.  Letting go was the hardest thing ever.  I bit my lip (literally) and allowed my feet to lift from the ground, the zip wire did the rest.  Now as a fading memory I can’t recall what scared me so much – I think it was the unknown elements.  How would I feel?

Letting go can be really hard, especially when we’re stepping into the unknown, but often the thought of doing something is worse than the action.  I now have 2 things to remind me that I am capable of stepping out of my comfort zone, performing stand up and now zip wires.

What stops you letting go?

Whether it’s big or small, letting can of an idea, a dream, a thought, can be really tough.  If there’s something you’d like to let go of so that you can move on and achieve, give Carolyn a call on 07714 216388 today so book your free consultation.

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