Wow – 2 blog posts in one day – I normally write 2-3 a month.  Today is a very special day – its #IWD or international women’s day. 

If you’ve missed that then you really have been lying low as it is all over the media – I attended a great event on Saturday in Stoke, Staffordshire, close to my home town where I was able to deliver a 6 minute lightening talk about finding me.

“Me” often gets forgotten – we all have many hats to wear, Mum, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, employee, business owner, dog mum, friend…. the list goes on.

It’s often hard to find time to remember who “me” is and dedicate a little time “just for me” because as women we tend to put “me” last.

So for #IWD I’m suggesting that women everywhere find some time every day just for “me” – a time to use on whatever “me” wants to do.  Have a soak in the bath, explore a hobby, work out who “me” is, meditate, go for a walk, whatever…..

Some days it will be hard, some days you will need to remind your family that you need it, you may need to fit a lock to the bathroom door! they’ll soon learn and respect it.

So what are you going to grab some me time to do?

Carolyn Trafford is a Leek based personal strategy coach supporting others in achieving the life they want. If there’s something you want to achieve get in touch today.

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