Social media is full of success stories, everyone shouts about what’s going well in their lives and businesses. So sometimes sitting reading it all can make you feel more than a little inadequate.

Sometimes you have to cut through the rubbish and the PR and get back to reality. We all struggle from time to time and admitting it does not equal failure – it’s a strength especially if you’re prepared to ask for help.

I have a little story for you today, don’t have time? then just cut to the bottom of this post where you will see 4 things you can do to help

A Story About A Missing Dog

The picture is Ziggy (right) and Marley (left). They make life fun until that is one goes missing. The more nervous of the two, Ziggy bolted because of a firework a couple of weeks ago and stayed out until he was found 25 hours later.

I raised an alert on social media and the response from people, both locally and further a field was amazing. Brett and I experienced over 2000 shares across 3 Facebook posts and the good news phone call I was waiting for came in as a result of the lady seeing him on facebook.

I needed help, I asked for it and I got it.

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Everyone loves a dog. My business posts don’t get that kind of support and right now it would really help me.

So What help do I need?

It’s quite simple. I’ve written a book and want to print it through a small business like me. I’m crowdfunding.  The campaign has already had a number of generous offers – it just needs more of a push to get some momentum and time is running out.

I need help funding the initial print of books (you will be rewarded for your generosity.

I also need help getting shares of the crowdfunding link across social media.

So 4 things you can do to help:

  • View my Crowdfunding Page – watch the video it tells you more about what I’m attempting to achieve.
  • Donate and choose a perk as a thank you.
  • Use the links on the page to share across your social media and take the time to add a personal message.
  • Check out my social media, I’m promoting across linkedin, facebook and twitter and give me a share or two.

Many thanks in advance