We all talk about them.  Whether we’re about to turn 30, 40, 50 or more, these are significant numbers and a time when we think about how quickly life marches on.   Expressions like “life begins at 40”, or “50 is the new 40” have come about because we like to believe that there is more out there to do and to experience.  And the truth is – there is and it’s ours for the taking.  The secret is not to be defined by our age – just be informed by them, learn from the experiences each brings and become wise. So what do these milestones actually mean?


Twenties – A time when many settle down.  We’re working, finishing university, starting our career, thinking about moving out of home.  We’re taking on commitments, be it a relationship or a mortgage or house or starting a new job.  Life is full of change and these experiences become building blocks for the future.


Thirties – Are about careers or families or both.  Life is busy raising children or becoming a career person.  Sometimes it’s a tough balance of both.  Life can be rushed and we often put ourselves second or even third.  Yet we learn to be tenacious, to prioritise and deal with life’s challenges and become resourceful.


Forties – Children are growing up and becoming independent.  There’s more time for “me”.  It’s a time for many when we reconsider earlier decisions, “do I really want to be in this job forever?, “Am I too old to retrain?”, “ I want to do something for me”.  At the same time life is often more secure financially, yet confidence to do something new can be low.  Re-invention can be a tricky process but thoroughly rewarding and self-fulfilling.

I changed my direction at 40.  It came with risks, particularly financially, and a few hours with a life coach but life has been interesting and rewarding for the past few years and I wouldn’t go back to my so called secure job.  I planned to become a coach; I didn’t plan to be a Neal’s Yard Consultant nor to return to education, so now I have a portfolio career.  Self employment has its challenges but it pays huge dividends.

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words & pictures copyright Carolyn Trafford (2017)

I’m not sure what the Fifties will bring.  I hope I will be a fully qualified artist/designer having completed my degree and integrating this into my coaching business.  With continued support from various mentors in my life, I’m looking forward to some financial security, some spare time to be enjoyed and much more change and excitement.


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