I’ve been thinking a great deal about opportunities at the moment.  I’ve just taken on a new client and her challenges are very similar to challenges I’ve experienced in the past and this continues to challenge me now.

Opportunities are fantastic things they can take us anywhere and not necessarily where we think they will take us.  In the past I’ve found myself hesitating – too afraid that the opportunity will lead to a dead end and therefore I will be in a worse position than when I started – but it’s a fallacy.  Even if I do go down a dead end I learn something from that – whether it’s that I’ve found something I’m not great at and should avoid in future or how i react if I’m challenged.  Plus every opportunity I follow and every dead end I head down, I make choices and decisions along the way.  I walk past lots of avenues so don’t have to return all the way to where I started.

And life’s like that.  When I trained to be a coach I thought clients would be queuing at my door – the reality is I work hard to get my clients but those I work with have chosen me because I offer them something they need and that relationship is very special.

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I continue to look for opportunities and continue to remind myself to seize them and not be frightened of rejection or something not working – and you should do too.  Let’s face it when was the last time you Lived For The Moment And Seized The Day?

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