I recently wrote about not being afraid to say “no” and the time that can free up for you.  Asking for help is just as important.

Considering evolution and the animal kingdom as a whole, animals often work in packs, hunting together to feed the whole tribe.  Evolution made humans sophisticated, able to survive on their own, independent and strong – these are all great attributes right?

They are, but it’s still easy to forget that help is there and you become stubbornly independent.  Asking for help is NOT a sign of failure – it’s a strength knowing when to do it.

When I recently published my book “Don’t Just Dream It – Achieve It” – I’m proud to say it’s all my own work, in terms of the content, but I had an overwhelming amount of help from friends, some for free, others for no more than a bottle of wine.  They:

  • Proof read
  • Designed covers
  • Sourced a competitive printing company
  • Helped crowdfund
  • Shared my social media posts and emails
  • Encouraged

If I’m honest not much of this support would have come on its own.  People lead busy lives and whilst they’re more than happy to show off their skills and help, they assumed I was OK until I asked.  But their help made such a difference in bringing the book to life.

Don’t sit and struggle, grasp that nettle and ask for the help you need.  If people aren’t in a position to help they will say “no” and not hold it against you. Be brave! Be you!

And if your friends don’t have the skills then don’t be afraid to pay for experts to help.

Carolyn Trafford is a Leek based personal strategy coach supporting others in achieving the life they want.  If there’s something you want to achieve get in touch today on 07714 216388.