I suppose Art School is teaching me more than just art.  I’m surrounded by artists of different types, not just in the work that they produce but also in their approach to life.

The course I’m doing – a foundation degree in art design and practice is not just about the creation of art but also the business side of it to.  Some of my classmates are drawn to it because they want to explore and develop their creative side, others are already established as artists and want to make their work more salable and learn how to develop into a business.  I wanted to explore my creativity. I’m already practicing as a Creative Freedom Therapist but I wanted to develop my own artist style more and perhaps go on to sell some work.  One doesn’t start where the other finishes – the two make me a whole.

Who you have become is a blend of nature and nurture.  Some traits you’re born with, others are formed over time from your influences, parents, friends, colleagues etc.  With a 24 year financial services career behind me – I’ve become a planner, an organiser and a logical worker.  Its hard to drop this trait and just BE MORE ARTIST.

I watch some of my colleagues work and its about flow, letting go and working straight from the heart and I feel this is what many of my clients need.  Its about taking a step back, shutting out all the helpful people who go “you should do….”, “why don’t you…..?

words and pictures copyright Carolyn Trafford 2017

So now I just thank them politely, stop over thinking everything and listen to my heart or my gut – just for a change.

What would you do differently if you just listened to your heart?

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