What my customers say about me is more important than what I say myself:

Karen, Head of Employment Law, Stoke on Trent

As a professional working mum, there are many competing pressures and it is not easy ensuring that you find the time to work on how best to give and get the most out of your professional life….  Carolyn was instrumental in helping me identify a number of improvements I can implement immediately and I am confident that I know now where best to focus my attentions, hopefully with her continued assistance. It’s easy to be skeptical of coaching if you are easily able to continually self-evaluate your own personal and business development but for the rest of us try Carolyn’s coaching and I’m confident that you’ll be surprised how many ideas you hold yourself if only you had the time and know-how to access them.”

Sandra, Health & Safety Consultant, Leics

“Life coaching with Carolyn has given me the confidence to move forward and follow my dreams.  It has taught me that no obstacles are insurmountable, and that whatever we want from life, whatever we truly want, we can have.  For many years I had thought about setting up my own health and safety consultancy / training business, yet didn’t know how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be.  Carolyn provided me with the tools to find all of the answers I needed to move forward, and the confidence and support to take those first few steps.  Her caring yet down to earth manner put me at my ease and the variety of coaching methods used enabled us to work together to find solutions to all my perceived obstacles.  I have now started up my own business and feel more contented than ever before.  Thank you!”

Sandy, Administrator, Stoke on Trent

“I have been surprised to find big changes in my behaviour and attitude since beginning the sessions.  I have a new confidence and acceptance of who I am.  I have found myself doing things that I would not have taken on/done/enjoyed before.  I have taken on new roles within my team – learning new skills etc.  Only the other day I took a purchase back to a shop (without the packaging) and negotiated a full refund.  I did this by myself.  This is a first in a lifetime thing for me.  My husband could not believe I did it.  I have become so much happier in my present role.”

J Riley, Staffordshire

                                                                                                                                                                                                       “As a result of the sessions I had I believe that Carolyn helped me achieve my goals and had I not had the sessions with her I am sure that I would not have had the attitude to actually make things happen for myself. I felt like I was ‘stuck in a rut’ and just needed some guidance from someone who was completely independent and, having talked for hours about my issues, Carolyn soon got to grips with the basics and made me think about how I could achieve my goals. I am very pleased to say that as a result I am on my way to achieving those goals, thanks to Carolyn. I would recommend her to anyone in the future.”

James, Senior Commercial Account Executive, Staffs

“Being in the sales industry it’s always helpful to pick up ‘out of the box’ ideas from a different perspective and Carolyn’s approach was friendly, personable and very effective. She talked about goals, fears and what holds you back in your day to day working life. I felt I left the session with a clear mind and a focused target on what I wanted to achieve for the future.”

Lisa, Web Designer, Cheshire

“I first met Carolyn through 4networking and really like the way she brings energy and focus to the group. Carolyn recently helped me work through some personal issues and provided me with fresh and creative ideas to help me find the best way to achieve my goals. I enjoyed the ‘homework’ tasks too!  I would definitely recommend Carolyn to anyone who needs a coach or mentor that has empathy, is approachable and trustworthy.”


David, Carpet Cleaner and Business Owner, Cheshire

“Thank you for your wonderful mentoring skills, Carolyn. You’ve pointed me in the right direction to move forward with my business start-up. Confidence and determination are a winning combination.”

Sharron, Busy Mum, Staffordshire

“Thank you Carolyn for your warm professional advice, you really helped me to put things into perspective, you are a wonderful coach and help people to see things in a different way.”

Alison, Adelaide

“Your assistance was very useful at a difficult time for us. You helped me to feel less stressed about our situation and trust that we would find an outcome. You also allowed me to discuss some other things too which has resulted in a shift in domestic workload.